New Release of Property Capsule

We are pleased to announced that we’ve just launched a new version of Property Capsule, now  available in the App Store. With this new release, Property Capsule  has leveraged it’s  automated digital leasing portfolio management system to fundamentally change the way Commercial Real Estate Leasing Agents do business.  Agents can now create custom meeting materials quickly, giving their clients an interactive way to explore a mapped tour and analyze the demographics and competition in any market.  In addition to that, Third party research data can now be merged with proprietary intelligence stored in your Property Capsule, giving clients the richest data possible.

This version also boasts new admin features, which enables you to list multiple site plans, and use multiple agents.  We’ve also rebuilt the kiosk software from the ground up, to include live maps and email support.  It’s approximately 400%  more awesome (estimates vary), and we couldn’t be happier with the new functionality.  Here’s a complete list of the features, with a few screenshots:

Tours and Meetings
• Map targeted markets and proposed spaces
• Measure demographics by highlighting areas of the map
• Measure distances between points
• Automatically look-up geolocation data from unlimited third-party sources
• Highlight competition
• Toggle points of interest by category
• Draw and write notations right on the map
• Add location specific photos and notes to the map
• Create a PDF of the entire tour

Space details
• Add photos, notes, and documents to each space on your site plan

Multiple site plans per property
• Add multiple site plans for multi-floor properties

Property Versioning
• Create alternative or one-off property profiles for specific leasing opportunities
• Keep the official profile flagged for general use in the Property Capsule





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